Accessible voice applications and SMS capabilities for any business.

As a small to medium sized business, it’s crucial to stay online and connected. Any downtime caused by your system could result in crucial missed sales opportunities or lead to poor customer experience. But access to a secure, reliable system shouldn’t be cost prohibitive just because your business is still in its infancy or simply not at a large enterprise scale. What’s the solution to this problem?

ZapApp, from Zapappi, is a platform which allows small to medium sized businesses create interactive voice applications that communicate with SIP and PSTN calls using VoIP. ZapApp is a totally cloud based service and no hardware or software is required to get up and running. The application is hosted and run on the native platform owned and managed by Zapappi, along with the servers required for telephone calls. This takes away all the risk and upfront cost of installing expensive, rigid hardware systems and instead provides a flexible, accessible approach to connectivity. Zapappi does the hard work for you, without asking you to compromise on performance.

To find out more that full capabilities of ZapApp from Zapappi, download our factsheet or request a demo from our experts.

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