A cloud based network that arrives plug and play, dramatically reducing overhead costs

Qube enables the benefits of IT as a Service across your entire infrastructure. Cloud Ready Architecture connects to cloud services predictably, reliably and securely.

Qube is powered by Cisco Meraki – a cloud managed IT solutions company offering technology that does exactly what it’s supposed to, enabling businesses to get on with the day to day, safe in the knowledge that reliability should not be a concern. Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest grade components and carefully optimized for a seamless user experience. The outcome: faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer support calls.

They offer a range of products to service varying business needs, including: Qube Models, Qube Hybrid Models, Qube COMMAND Models, Qube Home/Home Office, or a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. As a Qube partner, Tyten offers the strategic and engineering expertise to bring to life the benefits of their product portfolio.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense network solution that provides optimal performance whilst also dramatically reducing your costs, get in touch with us or download the factsheet to find out more.

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