F5 DDoS Hybrid Defender

Comprehensive network protection against DDoS attacks.

DDoS attacks are a leading cause of business service outages facing organisations today. Such attacks threaten businesses of all sizes, and are often used as a smoke screen for more sophisticated and dangerous hacks or theft. How quickly you discover and stop attacks is critical to keeping your business applications operational. In turn this affects how your team is working, and even the customer experience that your business can offer. To counter this significant threat, Tyten works closely with F5 as one of our partners in the security and control sector.

Specifically, DDoS Hybrid Defender from F5 provides next-generation cloud and on-premise denial-of-service (DDoS) defences to ensure real-time protections against volumetric DDoS threats; dynamic network and applications attacks; and threats hiding within encrypted traffic. It is a powerful tool in the fight to keep your network secure and intact, leading to an increase in both security and productivity for your team.

To find out more that full capabilities of F5, download our factsheet or request a demo from our team of experts.

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