Audio Codes

Seamless connectivity, enhanced security and quality assurance for enterprise and service provider VoIP networks.

In the enterprise environment, session border controllers are a powerful tool for those looking to secure the connection between the business’s VoIP network and the service provider’s SIP trunk.

When it comes to the market for this product, we believe that Mediant SBCs from AudioCodes deliver above and beyond expectations. They can function as peering SBCs between operator networks or as access SBCs delivering security and protocol normalisation. Once your network is secured, you can build a unified communications system around it in full knowledge that you’re protected from unwanted, unregulated network traffic.

The Mediant family of SBCs from Audio Codes includes a range of platforms that offer cost-effective SBC and hybrid functionality (SIP to TDM, SIP to SIP) scalable to any business size.

To find out more that full capabilities of Mediant SBCs from Audio Codes, download our factsheet or request a demo from our team of experts.

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